#19 Hashi & Me: meet Claire

Hashi & Me is a series of stories for people with Hashimoto’s told by people with Hashimoto’s and other thyroid problems. In each piece, one of us will share our experience with Hashimoto’s, our personal findings and tips. We believe one person’s experience can be useful for others, especially to newly diagnosed people.

This week meet Claire.

When did you discover you had Hashimoto’s? Tell us your story.

My doctor found out I had a sluggish thyroid when I was 16, but told me there’s nothing to worry about. When I was 20 I got really sick, I was extremely tired and couldn’t concentrate. I felt depressed and every movement cost me so much energy. After 6 months of doctor visits they finally admitted that I needed medication and that it was Hashimoto’s.

What did you learn since? Do you have some tips or findings to share with other Hashimoto’s people?

I learned a lot. Mostly about myself—who I am and what I want in life. I also spent a lot of time researching on autoimmunity in general. My advice would be to listen to your body, and don’t let yourself get hurt by other people. No one can fully understand what you’re going through, and they should accept that.

What you’re going through is real! Don’t get discouraged by doctors who aren’t up to date. :)

What does your day with Hashimoto’s look like?

Everyday is different, but I usually start my day with my medication, then I do yoga and meditation. I find that this really helps to start my day calm and focused. After that I go to university and study, in the evening I also do some yoga and meditation before going to bed. I don’t do other sports yet, but yoga is a good way to stretch the body! Some days I sleep more, other days I wake up early but I’m always in the kitchen because that also makes me happy.

What’s the biggest struggle and biggest victory you experienced?

My biggest struggle is also my biggest victory. Just before my diagnosis I had to quit studying because I couldn’t keep up anymore. I never returned, because I knew that would be way too stressful. A year and a half later I’m now in university studying something that I love, I’m really enjoying it and I’m so happy to be around people again. I couldn’t finish my previous study, but I started a new one and I’m determined to succeed.

What advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed to ease their first steps with Hashimoto’s?

Patience. Take it step by step, it’s impossible to do everything at once. You didn’t get sick overnight, your body will need time to heal.

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