8 tips for surviving holiday smorgasboards

Boost your thyroid health during the holiday season

by Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor

Holidays are a time to reconnect with yourself and the people you love. But there are some traps, too. Too much rich food and alcohol, too many commitments, and a lot of time spent indoors and on the couch. Here are eight suggestions to make your holiday season not hit your body quite so hard:

  1. Use this time to laugh and hug people — it will lower stress molecule levels in your body.

  2. Get plenty of sleep.

  3. Move your body, even just walking, and aim for 330 steps per hour; except when you sleep ;)

  4. Eat at least two healthy meals per day.

  5. Don’t forget to take your meds regularly, and to pack them if you are traveling.

  6. Take extra vitamin D; you will need it.

  7. Spend one hour or more in fresh air each day.

  8. For each glass of alcohol you drink, take 220 extra steps, preferably outdoors.

Can’t do it all? No worries, these are suggestions only :) Do as much as you can without stressing about it.

Happy holidays!