Nine awesome places in Berlin to eat if having Hashimoto’s

My Hashimoto’s, my town and my personal spring/summer 2017 list

by Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor

I went to Green Market in Berlin today and got inspired to write about where I usually eat out.

My digestive issues dictate my social life and my social eating experiences. I have found a lot of amazing places around the town that fully cater to my needs. Hashimoto’s disrupts my normal digestion and often requires specific set of foods to avoid, and I personally require a certain group of foods to eat and enjoy life with my loved ones. These are nine restaurants I love. I realize the service in all of these places has been great to me.


My favorite place, winter or summer, and quite out of the way for me. It is close to Tempelhofer feld, so I can combine eating there with a long dog walk either before or after the food. Gordon’s is a vegetarian place, with most of the dishes easily made vegan.

What do I eat there? Vegan hummus shuka with a grilled aubergine topping and side dish of pickles.

East and Eden

A dash of Danish laid back attitude to life in Torstrasse, with a great choice of salads (all can be made with avocado), soups and drinks. I use this place for both work and leisure.

What do I eat there? Pumpkin soup, and a beluga lentil salad. Before I gave up on bread I did avocado smash (on a rye bread, I think).


Another hummus place, what can I say? I love hummus. This one is great to visit on any Saturday, after a running session, and before going through the eco farmers market on Kollwitzplatz. Zula makes Saturday better!

What do I eat there? Hummus, vegan shakshuka, pickles and pommes. A massive meal after my massive run.

Lia’s kitchen

Lia’s is also close to Kollwitzplatz, and a great place to sin and overindulge in burgers and fries, although their salads are pretty awesome too. This is a full on vegan place.

What do I eat there? BBQ burger and a side order of fries with their chipotle sauce.

Good Friends

Cantonese restaurant I wish to go more often to. This one is seems to be reserved only for the very special occasions, like meeting up with friends not living in my neighbourhood.

What do I eat there? Pak choy, tofu with bamboo and champignons, or practically anything my friends order that does not contain eggs, dairy or wheat.

Cocolo Ramen

Used to be my favorite work lunch place since I stepped into the Kreuzberg startup scene. Spring and summer time it is a lovely place to sit outside. It is often quite packed during the lunch time, I did not try it in the evenings.

What do I eat there? Ramen, kimchi and lemonade. Ramen are vegetarian or full on meat. Vegetarian ones can be made vegan by, for example, giving the egg to your dog.

Bar Raval

Special tapas place for special occasions. I do need to navigate a bit around the menu, but there are a few magnificent dishes that I can eat fully guilt-free.

What do I eat there? Pimientos de padrón, patatas bravas, avocado and mushroom tartar, olives. Sometimes I do sin and take the fried aubergine (later I found out it was soaked in milk before frying, I did try making it at home, it is possible to make it vegan too), Russian salad (that one has tuna and mayo, which I can eat, and peas, which I cannot).

Goodies Berlin

Healthy healthy foods. I believe it is a fully vegan restaurant. Their salads are amazing, and their banana bread is the best, no sugar added (they say, I believe them).

What do I eat there? Any salad and banana bread (made with spelt).

Der Imbiss

This place still managed to keep some of it’s coolness from 10 years ago when I first stepped into it. I loved it from the first moment, because it had a weird combo of Blues brothers and a surf party vibe. It made Kastanienalee glow in the winter months. Food was (and still is) quirky and highly enjoyable.

What do I eat there? Tofu teriyaki or Delachs. And one of the smoothies, the greener the better.