#11 Hashi & Me: meet Maxi

Hashi & Me is a series of stories for people with Hashimoto’s told by people with Hashimoto’s and other thyroid problems. In each piece, one of us will share our experience with Hashimoto’s, our personal findings and tips. We believe one person’s experience can be useful for others, especially to newly diagnosed people.

This week we meet Maxi, a therapist and executive coach.

How and when did you discover you had Hashimoto’s?

I was diagnosed with an under functioning thyroid 2002 in England.

A severe bronchitis kept reoccurring and the Doc’s threw ongoing antibiotics at me. They told me that I had to take levothyroxine for the rest of my life, that was all, no mention of the ongoing destruction of the thyroid.

Over the years, I had several times bronchitis ending in pneumonia and could not understand why I would be ill again and again. Only after ongoing research I discovered that I also had developed a histamine intolerance. Further research made me realize that the thyroid problem had also developed a “leaky gut” with an inability to digest food properly to absorb nutrients from my food.

Meantime my symptoms got worse, depression, brain fog, fatigue, irritability, sleep interruptions to name a few. My family to this day has no understanding and tells me that I am a hypochondriac.
I am on Euthyrox 100, which is not perfect by a long shot, but my Doc in the past has refused to check on T3. Not one Doctor from the traditional school medicine was willing to listen and help.

What did you learn since? Do you have some tips or findings to share with other Hashimoto’s people?

After watching thyroid seminars, also of self healed Izabella Wentz and reading her book Root cause, am I finally able to do something practical about healing myself.

Eating an autoimmune paleo diet, basically very little carbs, no sugar, no flour products helps my gut to heal and my inflammation to be curbed.

I eat no gluten, take a lot of extra nutrients like liquid D3, liquid C and selenium. Right now I am trying to find out, if there might be another root cause to my disease. The possibilities are manifold and exasperating with Hashimoto as they need to be checked one by one with specific tests suggested.

The good news is, after 15 years of searching finally there is a road to recovery to attain freedom from symptoms and a return to vibrant health.

What were the biggest struggle and the biggest victory your experienced?

My biggest challenge was to not totally give up in the fruitless years of searching for help, spending vast sums of money, while those around me had no understanding or empathy and the school medicine practitioners could not help.

My biggest victory is the discovery of finding my root cause of illness and subsequent ways of healing.

What advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed to ease their first steps with Hashimoto’s?

Just a couple of suggestions for newly diagnosed people, find yourself a functional practitioner, who has knowledge of how to help heal the Hashimoto patient with guidance, necessary tests, recipes and vital additional nutrients and supplements. I highly recommend the teachings by Izabella Wentz and Amy Myers.

I hope that my information will help and encourage others to not give up and start on their journey of healing too.