Hashimoto’s and your family: Boost Health Survey Results

Autoimmune diseases run in the family, they have a strong genetic component. Still, it seems that certain autoimmune conditions are more likely to be passed by the affected mothers, while the other ones by the affected father.

How is Hashimoto’s passed down?

Hashimoto’s is the most common autoimmune disorder (1), research on families and twins showed a strong genetic predisposition to developing Hashimoto’s: children of people with Hashimoto’s have a 32 fold increased chance of having Hashimoto’s. Siblings have 21 fold increased chance for developing Hashimoto’s, with females more frequently affected than males(2, 3).

How does it look for you?

We asked you in our survey about you and your family’s history of autoimmune conditions.

Five in ten of you have a family member, in addition to you, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. Most common family members to be affected are mothers, sisters and aunts.


Five in ten of you have at least one family member diagnosed with another autoimmune disease, most commonly rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. Most common family members to be affected are mothers, fathers, sisters and aunts.