The future of BOOST Thyroid depends on you

Design: BOOST Thyroid.

Design: BOOST Thyroid.

Our new membership program will help us continue to build the best tool for hypothyroid patients

By Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor

I founded BOOST Thyroid in 2016 because I believed that technology could help improve the lives of people with autoimmune conditions. As both a Hashimoto’s patient and as a researcher, I was tired of waiting for doctors, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies to come up with a better way to understand and treat my symptoms. 

I still believe that, more than ever. But now I and the rest of the BOOST Thyroid team need your help to continue on the path we’ve started.

So far, the funding to build BOOST Thyroid has come from both impact-oriented angel investors and prestigious grants from the European Commission, which is given to the very best research and development solutions.

These funds have helped us accomplish amazing things so far.  

Up until now, BOOST Thyroid has done research on:

  • The efficacy of T4 therapy—indicating the need for an individualized approach to treatment plans

  • The triggers of flare-ups

  • How a TSH measurement alone is not enough to determine the well-being of patients

All of our research has been presented at leading endocrinology conferences in North America and Europe and is championing change in the way each thyroid patient is treated.

We have built an app and published over 120 articles covering diverse topics on thyroid health. We answer your questions, and listen to you when building the app

We have built a community of engaged people who care deeply about their own health and the future of others with autoimmune conditions.

We want to keep our independence and continue bringing you the best and independent science research and information, which is why we’re now asking for your financial support. 

We’re launching a new opt-in BOOST Membership program that will allow us to continue what we’re doing and grow to our next phase.

For an annual subscription of €70 we will bring you:

Personalized reports

  • Monthly well-being reports

  • Quizzes with comparative results

Exclusive content

  • Monthly updates on the latest global research focusing on thyroid health and autoimmunity


  • Exclusive price reductions on products from our current and future partners—including basic thyroid and genetic testing

Answers to your thyroid and Hashimoto’s questions

  • Ask us one question per month and receive answers from thyroid experts

An evolving app

  • Additional tracking categories and an Android app

Your membership will also:

Support much needed thyroid research

  • Your help will enable us to contribute to the insufficiently researched field of thyroid and immune health

This program is optional, and you can still use the app and read our blog posts for free. We want to provide this important health resource for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. But we hope, if possible, you will contribute to the leading science-based thyroid app.

Memberships will keep BOOST Thyroid thriving so we can continue to provide thyroid patients with useful content and an app that’s constantly improving.

How to sign up?

By clicking on the “Become a Member” button, you will be taken to Typeform, where we will ask you for your email, and to pay for your membership through Stripe (a US-based payment service company enabling secure online payments).

Within 24 hours of your purchase you will receive a membership welcome email with  detailed information on the offer and your membership number.

Clar McWeeney