BOOST Thyroid and Lifecode Gx partner to further understand triggers of Hashimoto’s and underactive thyroid symptoms

Illustration: PublicDomainPictures. Design: BOOST Thyroid.

Illustration: PublicDomainPictures. Design: BOOST Thyroid.

German healthtech startup BOOST Thyroid and UK genetic testing company Lifecode Gx are partnering to push forward thyroid research and patient management of Hashimoto’s and thyroid conditions. 

Berlin-based BOOST Thyroid and London-based Lifecode Gx announce their partnership to vastly increase knowledge on genetic and environmental triggers of Hashimoto’s, and how to better preventively manage the condition. This partnership is committed to driving research forward.

BOOST Thyroid, a free iOS app, is built on years of scientific research and helps patients with autoimmune thyroid conditions. The company was founded in 2016 by Swedish scientist, health advocate, and Hashimoto’s patient Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor and her partner, Swedish scientist and engineer Dr. Mikael Högqvist Tabor.

Since its founding, BOOST Thyroid has won the European Commission's Horizon 2020 funding to further develop a scientific and accurate solution for preventative management of thyroid conditions. Through collaboration with research institutes—including the University of Oxford and Charité in Berlin—BOOST Thyroid is improving how Hashimoto’s patients and doctors can jointly reach treatment decisions.

BOOST Thyroid drives research forward, with topics including thyroid function, individualized thyroid treatment, and curbing autoimmunity. The company has presented research findings at three of the biggest thyroid-related congresses: the European Society of Endocrinology, the German Society of Endocrinology, and the American Thyroid Association’s yearly conference.

Lifecode Gx is a personal health company, applying the latest genomics science to enable preventive and personalized approaches to health. Founded in 2017 by Emma Beswick, qualified nutritional therapist (CNHC Reg) and nutrigenomics counsellor (NgC), Lifecode Gx provides a range of specialist nutrigenomics DNA test panels which inform how inherited health risks can be mitigated through personalized nutrition and lifestyle.

The company’s Thyroid Balance test examines the genes, nutrition and lifestyle factors that can impact autoimmune thyroid disease risk and thyroid hormone activity. Developed in partnership with the UK’s leading consultant endocrinologist, the groundbreaking test reveals predisposition for disruption to biochemical pathways. Results provide insights into where genetic variants occur, how individual interventions should be targeted, and which approaches will be most effective. Lifecode Gx has active research partnerships into genomics with several British universities.

“This partnership is a dream come true. We can help push research forward and make a giant leap towards the individualized treatment of Hashimoto’s. We now have the ability to truly map out the genetics and triggers of the autoimmune response, which is only possible through such a collaboration, and it will help hundreds of millions of people affected by thyroid conditions,” said BOOST Thyroid co-founder and CEO Dr. Vedrana Hogqvist Tabor. 

Lifecode Gx CEO Emma Beswick says, “A genetic risk for autoimmune thyroid disease doesn’t mean ill health is inevitable—your genes are not your destiny. Once you understand where and how a genetic variant is blocking normal functions, you can recommend personalized treatment plans. We are delighted to be partnering with BOOST Thyroid to extend research into the genetic risk of developing thyroid disease, and how personalized nutrition and lifestyle approaches can help prevent, reduce or reverse it. Together we aim to improve the lives of millions of people.”

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