#22 Hashi & Me: Fortune

Hashi & Me is a series of stories for people with Hashimoto’s told by people with Hashimoto’s and other thyroid problems. In each piece, one of us will share our experience with Hashimoto’s, our personal findings and tips. We believe one person’s experience can be useful for others, especially to newly diagnosed people.

This week meet Fortune.

When did you discover you had Hashimoto’s? Tell us your story.

I knew something was wrong for 15 years but I couldn’t get a diagnosis. I moved to Germany for my husband’s work and a German doctor gave me a routine physical. He diagnosed me right away.

What did you learn since? Do you have some tips or findings to share with other Hashimoto’s people?

I learned the importance of patience, self-acceptance, and stress management. I also found some supplements help, but many don’t. It’s a journey and you need to understand that.

What does your day with Hashimoto’s look like?

Now that I’m on Novothyral—a combined medication—my day is normal for the first time in a long time. I get up in the morning, I make breakfast, shower, go about a normal life with good energy. No more sleeping 16 hours, no more brain fog, no more aches and pains. And my eyebrows are back! Adding a bit of T3 took care of my lingering insomnia and joint aches.

What’s the biggest struggle and biggest victory you experienced?

At the worst, I couldn’t really work. I would literally sleep 16 hours a day and then was awake all night. But no doctor would give me medication — they just based everything on my TSH number. Getting diagnosed at last was the victory. Because then I could get the life-saving medication I needed. Now I work part-time and I have a life again.

What advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed to ease their first steps with Hashimoto’s?

Love yourself as you are and embrace the road ahead. It will have ups and downs, but always remember it’s a road to healing. Find people who will support you and be grateful for them. Keep asserting your right to state-of-the-art care. Don’t be afraid to change doctors. It will get better over time once you have the right medication and lifestyle.

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